04 June, 2008

Green Tiger Press

The Helene Whitson Collection continues to grow through the generous gifts of Helene Whitson herself. Recent acquisitions include first editions of Green Tiger Press publications.

Green Tiger Press, founded by Harold and Sandra Day in 1970, was known for its illustrated children's books, calendars and greeting cards. Find out about the history of Green Tiger and the Laughing Elephant Press at: www.laughingelephant.com

The text of an old Collector's Club Card, that is part of our holdings, articulates energy behind this imaginative press. "The Green Tiger stresses wonder, and prefers that path toward truth which leads through the realms of the imagination. It prefers the unusual and symbolic to the contemporary and particular. Because of these emphases, it is often perceived as a publisher of works for children, but in truth, its vision is not bounded by chronology, but is a matter of values, dreams and aspirations."

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tamara_gerard said...

Is there still a Green Tiger Collector's Club? I still have many cards and a few books I collected in the 70s, and would love to find more vintage cards.