05 August, 2008

Charlotte's Web

There was a wonderful tribute to E B. White and his book Charlotte's Web on NPR the other day as part of their "In Character" series on Monday, August 4 2008.

There are excerpts of White reading from the book and an acknowledgement of the staying power of this story over the years. I love Charlotte because she is simultaneously self-possessed and self-sacrificing. It is indeed the relationship that we have in our lives that give meaning.

White himself, when he recorded the audiobook in 1970, had trouble getting through the end of the book..."He broke down — just as I did," recalled audiobook producer Joe Berk in a 1991 NPR interview. "We did 17 takes. ... We went on a short walk, and he turned to me, and he said, 'It's ridiculous: a grown man reading a book that he wrote, and being unable to read it aloud because of tears.' "

To read the entire piece go to NRP Charlotte A. Cavatica: Bloodthirsty, Wise And True by Melissa Block

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